Features Vitainterface Vitainterface Gold
Security solutions Security solutions (no GOLD features) (30 days trial available)
Secure internet browser
Secure internet browser:
Secure your browser history, downloads and cookies
Available Available
System lock
System lock:
Lock your system to prevent unauthorized access
Not available Available
Hide files and folders
Hide files and folders:
Make your private files and folder invisible
Not available Available
Encrypt files
Encrypt files:
Encrypt sensitive data for ultimate protection
Not available Available
Lock disk
Lock disk:
Prevent access to any local or removable drives
Not available Available
File shredder
File shredder:
Erase files and folders permanently
Not available Available
Get trusted antivirus from our trusted partner
Available Available
Online drive
Online drive:
Prevent data loss with secure cloud storage
Available Available
(free 2 GB included) (up to 1 TB available)

Watch our intro

To get the idea of how Vitainterface can protect your personal cyberworld from hackers and potential threats!

Version released!

Features & Improvements:

  • Improved file manager performance;
  • User now have a possibility to use multiple accounts within same site;
  • Improved overall program stability;

Bug fixes:

  • Changed activation system, fixed instant auto-activation problems;
  • Fixed problem with special symbols in password;
  • Fixed problem with offline credentials caching;

About Vitainterface 2014

The new generation of software has arrived and has already become a trend. An all-in-one solution which resembles smartphone for you computer. Now you won't require dozens of junk apps which clog up and slow down your PC. All you need is Vitainterface 2014 - «smart» and secure interface for Windows with built-in features like:

  • Superfast and secure web-browser;
  • Easy to use, intuitive file manager;
  • Media player with almost any streaming media format support;
  • Integrated social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc)
  • Security features that offer 9 levels of protection for you private data, both - online and offline;
  • Integrated popular services and software like Amazon, Skype, eBay, Google products and more.